FESTA MAJOR DE SANTS 2014 (english)

You just recovered from the party of Festa Major de Gràcia? Good, now let’s do it again for the Festa Major de Sants.

This festival is not too different from the one of Gràcia. You will find music performers, Castellers, pyrotechnic shows and many others. All of this in streets decorated by the neighbors of Sants. Thus from the 23 to the 30 of August, I recommend you to take a walk in the 16 streets of Sants.

Many of the events will take place in the Parc de l’Espanya Industrial. The main event, thus the one you will not miss, is the opening parade at 6.30 pm the 23rd. Giant and big head, “Gegants i capgrosssos” will be present at the parade. And if you can get close to this parade, you will have the chance to see the correfoc, a representation of the Catalan culture. The correfoc, firerun, is represented by a group of demon dancing with fireworks attached to forks.

This festival is also a bit sporty. You will find the “2000 de Sants – Cursa Atlètica de la Festa Major”, a 2km run as well as a bike race. Those two events will take place the 31st of August, the last Sunday of the festival.

Festa Major de Sants: Program

In this festival each street has its own program. Concert, dancing, gastronomy, cinema, karaoke… you will all find your happiness during this festival. If you understand the Catalán, you can check the program. 



About the district

Located in the southern part of Barcelona, Sants was an industrial town. It was the home of España Industrial, one of the most important manufacturer of textile in Spain. A first merger between Barcelona and Sants was intended in 1883 but it avorted due to different issue. Finally, in 1897 Sants lost its independence to become a part of Barcelona.

Due to its history, Sants always had its strong identity that shows up during the Festa Major de Sants. Thus wait no more and check it out during this wonderful event.

How to get there?

Metro Stops: Sants Estacio (L3 and L5), Plaça de Sants (L1 and L5) and Mercat Nou (L1) .




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